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Why Training is Crucial to Employee Success

Posted by Sheno Fuzita on January 19, 2012

Online TrainingTraining is crucial to any organization, whether it be training on processes and procedures, the mission and vision, the increasingly important social media guidelines, or overall job function training to enhance the performance of your team. 

Through reading several books and publications, below are five main topics of training that continue to reappear as being the most valuable for individuals to achieve maximum success, as well as the company to see the greatest benefit and productivity from employees.

1)      Mission & Vision:  Train your employees on the mission and vision of your company.  It may seem like enough to have them read it and understand it, but reinforce the importance of the mission and vision.  Find ways to tie the goals of that individual to the overall mission and vision of your company so they see the direct value they bring to your company.

2)      Service:  With the overwhelming growth of social media, access to any business through the web, and the countless methods to contact individuals, it is crucial to have every member of your team understand the value of service to customers, vendors, partners and team members.  A potential customer, partner, or vendor can reach out to anyone at any level of an organization through just a bit of research to find their contact information.  Your team members need to understand that they are a direct reflection of the company every day.

3)      Job Function:  Whether a person’s role is finance, marketing, a business unit manager, or much more, individuals always need to continue learning more about their specific job function, and how they can continue to improve and stay ahead of the curve through professional development.  This is also important for individuals who work closely with other departments so they understand how their job function affects others on a larger scale.  Online training is a great option because it allows your employees to get training on their schedule, and your schedule, without being absent from work.

4)      Communication:  Ensure that your team has been trained on how to communicate their project timelines, changes to projects, and overall updates to the rest of the team and company.  It is important for everyone to know who their points of contact are in every department, and who needs to be notified of certain updates so no one is caught off guard, and it won’t negatively impact other individuals and teams. 

5)      Prepare for the Unexpected:  Start to train your team to prepare for every possible scenario and research possible responses and outcomes to these situations.  This will help them understand the effects of how certain things can change a project timeline at any time, as well as know in advance how to best prepare for these situations so they can begin to handle more complex situations that come their way.

As you can see, training can be in a variety of different areas from understanding the overall goals of a company, job function development, or preparing for various outcomes for certain situations and road blocks that can arise.

Please share your comments and tips on what training has been the greatest benefit for you or your team.

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