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Being Global: How to Think, Act and Lead in a Transformed World

Posted by Sheno Fuzita on April 20, 2012

Being GlobalGlobalization has shaken up traditional leadership development. Language immersion, cultural etiquette tips and the like are wildly insufficient to prepare managers for the demands of today’s global marketplace. Likewise, worrying about expatriate culture shock or the risk that employees “go native” are concerns of a past era. Today’s global business needs truly global leaders. They can’t just act global. They have to be global.

Real global leaders are a new breed with identifiable traits. They have a natural curiosity about the world that leads to relationships with people very different from themselves. From these relationships come insights and innovations that span national and cultural boundaries. While driven to enhance their own prosperity, real global leaders also recognize the impacts of their actions on communities and the planet, and the fact that their personal prosperity is interdependent and shared with the prosperity of others.

Many global leaders are drawn by life experiences to develop these traits. They travel early and often with globally connected families. They are exposed to languages and cultures different from their own. They have easy access to education, internships and other resources that open the world to them.

So does that mean only those who are born global can be global? No. On the contrary, Thunderbird School of Global Management was founded on the belief that global leaders are not just born. They can be made.  What Thunderbird has learned over the decades is that global leaders become who they are by cultivating particular ways of looking at the world, thinking about problems and opportunities and acting with integrity in pursuit of solutions.

Global leaders have three key characteristics they all share in common: Global mindset, global entrepreneurship and global citizenship.  Learn more about the three characteristics of global leaders on Thunderbird's Knowledge Network.

Thunderbird School of Global Management President Angel Cabrera, and Thunderbird Professor Gregory Unruh just released the book, "Being Global."  In this book, they will take you on a tour of the globalization of our world.  This is not just a book for business professionals, but is a book that will fascinate everyone.  You should check out this book if your job is affected by globalization, or if you want to know about the ever-changing world you will be living in because of globalization.

An added bonus to purchasing this book is that you will receive access to a sample leadership course from Thunderbird Online.  This sample course is taken directly from Thunderbird Online's Executive Certificate in Global Leadership. If you are looking to sample a Thunderbird Online course, this is a great way to see the online courses in action!

We look forward to your comments and feedback on the "Being Global" book, and your experience with the Thunderbird Online course!

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